of your
Treatment Plants
thousands of dollars
avoiding regulatory
penalties from late and
inaccurate submissions
up to 90% time
savings towards compliance
reporting submission
human errors,
improve data accuracy
and get a better handle of
your plant operations
Mobile App Released FLOWatch 3.0 FLOWatch
Mobile App Released
Log and Access Data
Anytime, Anywhere,
Any Device

What We Offer

State of the art cloud-based data management solutions focused on operations, asset management, compliance and performance tracking. Our application empowers operators and organizations in taking control of their data.

How We Are Different

Our unique platform was designed with support and feedback from operators looking to break down the technical and functional silos they were facing when operating their systems. The end result is a user configurable, technology agnostic solution which drives reliability and efficiency across the organization.

Why Choose Us

Speed up accurate compliance and oversight reporting by up to 90%. Save thousands of dollars in unnecessary penalties or late
charges. Have complete awareness of your plant performance from any device, any place and anytime.


Our Approach

Our Solutions

FLOWatch is focused on developing meaningful solutions to resolve the data management and reporting challenges faced by water/wastewater utility managers,
industrial facility managers, environmental consultants, regulators, and researchers.

FLOWatch offers “out of the box” products as well as customized solutions. Our products feature a high degree of scalability and customizability.
Our wide array of services are aimed at meeting your current and future needs.

FLOWatch 3.0

a Web-based Operational Data Management System

FLOWatch 3.0 is a fully integrated operational management software combining
operational, asset management reporting and tracking.

It provides utilities, industrial, and chemical facilities managers with the ability to manage
key operational data from one centralized location.

FLOWatch 3.0

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