Data Management

Core Applications​

Management & Analytics

Operational Data Tracking

Asset Management

Big Data Analytic / Real Time Modelling

Compliance & Management Reporting


domain expertise

Strong Field
and Domain Expertise

The FLOWatch team has substantial hands-on industry experience. 

We are well tuned to the needs of the market and 

understand constraints faced by our clients.

Proven Technology

FLOWatch’s patented technology is proven and recognized.
We were awarded the Delaware Emerging Technology Center’s (ETC).
Most Innovative Technology Award.

Proven Technology​
Easy to Use

Easy to Use
and Implement

Our applications is well-received and is praised for being intuitive and

easy to use. Our application interface is user friendly and follows a
structure that is recognizable and relatable.


Competitively Priced

Big Label software and solutions are usually priced at a premium.
We aim to help facilities of all sizes, and are therefore,
affordably priced even for the smallest of facilities.


Competitively Priced
Customizable and Adaptable

Highly Nimble,
Customizable and Adaptable

Though our solution is “out of the box”, its architecture inherently allows it to be customized to suit your needs. You define your parameters, log your data and generate the reports according to your requirements.

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FLOWatch 3.0

a Web-based Operational Data Management System

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